Dec 12

Moseley & Simpson?

One of the most-read posts on Hackney Tools is about the life of tool maker John Moseley.
A reader of the blog got in touch recently about a pair of mortice chisels he had been given and the name stamp in ‘Moseley & Simpson’. I wondered if anyone might know more about this partnership, as I don’t unfortunately.
If you have any info, please post it here in the comments section, it would be interesting to know when and where Mr.Simpson got involved.


  1. Richard C

    Hi Gary,
    Found “Simpson and Birks, whitesmiths and tool makers, 7 Orchard lane” in the 1852 Sheffield Trade Directory
    See – http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/Misc/Transcriptions/WRY/Sheffield1852AlphaP-S.html

    So the mortice chisels are probably a collaboration with Moseley – but which one? Probably the famous one in London and not the knife maker in Sheffield around the same time.

    All the best – Richard

  2. James

    According to British Plane makers from 1700.
    Moseley & Son moved from 17 and 18 New Street to 17 and 18 King Street/27 Bedford Street in 1863
    Moseley & Simpson 1872 to 1874 at 17, 18 King Street/27Bedford street.
    Moseley & Son in 1878 at 63 New Oxford Street.


  3. Jeffrey

    James, your info about Moseley & Son being at 63 New Oxford Street is exactly what I need to date the sweet 1/8″ side bead that I have. Thanks.

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