Apr 03


The photo are a little blurry, but the top of the tube is marked ‘Gabriel’ and ‘Birmingham’. Not sure if it’s connected with carpentry or woodworking. The ‘Birmingham’ stamp would in any case distance it from the Gabriel we all know, but any ideas as to what this is?







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  1. Pedder

    looks like a spoon to take samples and srew it back. To avoid odor?

  2. Richard

    Hi Gary,
    My best guess is that it was / is for dispensing mineral oil for lubrication purposes. It appears to have a leather washer on the screw-in “lid” that would provide an reasonable seal against leakage.
    All the best – Richard

  3. JB

    I think it may be something useful for removing earwax – I remember seeing Roman artefacts that look very similar.

  4. R. Davis

    Snuff box (or container for unnamed intoxicant) with nostril sized dispenser?

  5. R. Davis

    Yup! Search “snuff bottle with spoon.” I was right on both possibilities for contents.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Gary,
    Although I concede that it does look as if it could be a snuff bottle it also looks (more likely to me) to be a container for oil to lubricate a firearm. See this link for very similar items…
    Also Birmingham UK was a major centre for the manufacture of firearms and associated equipment.
    All the best – Richard

  7. Gary

    Hi Richard, I think you get the award! Extra point for the link, haha. Yes, I think we can assume that’s what it is. Thanks for the info and hope you are very well. All the best, Gary

  8. Gary

    It’s a rifle oiler antique now a lot were stamped mod war
    I’ve got one and keep it in my bicycle kit with Greece in it

  9. Jo

    Check out musket oiler on the internet – I have a similar one but it is missing the spoon part.

  10. Tim

    Lee Enfield rifle oil bottle,I’ve got my Great Grandfathers

  11. Steph

    This is a gun oiler from ww2

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