Nov 29

Quansheng Xin videos

These are some great videos made by Quansheng Xin, (thanks to a helpful reader of the blog, see below for link). In one of his earlier videos, he made the big sign that now sits behind him on every new video he makes. The way this chap does his work is very instructive and I find his direct methods very refreshing. He does go on a bit, but then, don’t we all.


  1. wangfei

    hello guys….there is something i want to tell
    that master ‘s really name is Quansheng Xin from Tianjing China . he is a real master he has been doing this job over 40 years and he is very traditional .if you want to know more about him and learn some real chinese wood work please follow the link http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_%E8%BE%9B%E5%85%A8%E7%94%9F?f=1&kb=04112010kv41000__x&_rp=1457586339675uDbmB2

  2. Gary

    No changed to ‘Quansheng Xin’, thank you for your help.

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