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Plane time capsule


I loved this post over on MVFlaim’s blog about his Kruse & Bahlmann plane restoration. Take a read and discover the extra surprise he got when he worked on the plane.

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What a nice surprise to find the owners name under the handle, a great idea for future collectors to to find – on the planes we all own.

My latest find is a Norris Tool Makers Vice, in our local Sunday Market. Norris made these vices when they were were taken over by the HENLEY OPTICAL CO. I believe – and sets of screw drivers together with planes.
The No.6 plane is a good all round bench plane – but I prefer the No.5 for cabinet making, it depends on what you are trying to do, best to have all the sizes then you can choose the exact plane for the job. The important thing is to keep using them.
Colin Sullivan.

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