Mar 14

Leon Robbins – Planemaker

Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_1
Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_2
Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_3
Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_4
Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_5
Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_6
Leon Robbins Panel Raising Plane_7

Should have bid on them…should have bid on them…

A wonderful pair of panel raising planes from Leon Robbins recently surfaced on eBay. I got scared off when they went north of my own set figure, but in retrospect they were still a fantastic acquisition at the final sale price of $610.

Leon Robbins was one of those ‘one-of-a-kind’ planemakers who did things his own way. He was most well-known by his association with Michael Dunbar and his windsor chair making class at The Windsor Institute. Leon passed away in November 2007, but a lot of his planes are still in circulation and can be purchased from Crown Planes, the company Leon set up when he started making planes. (His own planes carry a crown stamp, but the ‘N.E Toolworks’ stamp on these planes was the retailer I believe. Leon supplied planes for N.E. Toolworks who added their own stamp).

When Leon died, Michael Dunbar penned a fitting tribute to the man on his blog, which is well worth a read, as it gives an insight into the craftsman and the way he worked.


  1. Bob Vik

    I have a pair (unused)of “Tiger Maple”raised panel planes that were sold by Garrett Wade (NY, NY) I need to get them out of storage to see who manufactured them: they look exactly like the pictures posted on Hackney tools.com. Could these be Leon Robbins planes?

  2. Bob Vik

    Update, I looked at the planes ant the have “LR” stamped on the ends. They are available if someone is interested.

  3. Gary

    Can you send some pics pease, Bob? Mail@hackneytools.com

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