Oct 20


The jury’s out on this one. A weird Preston plane with curves like Jane Russell. Rare? Know more?


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  1. Richard Cohen

    Hi Gary,
    I’ve Googled “preston bullnose plane” and found this in images:


    Don’t try the main site for this as my malware detector rated it unsafe, but viewing the image using the above link seems ok,

    So the plane (probably) isn’t unique (sorry!) but seems to be quite rare. I t might have been an experimental model – it looks as if they wanted a comfortable grip at the front of the plane for the index finger and thumb, possibly making it easier to guide. It may also be less prone to damage if dropped (don’t try it!). I hope someone comes up with more information on this fascinating model.

    All the best!

  2. Julian


    That odd little Preston plane is a 1355 1 1/8″ bullnose waisted top plane. Are you interested in selling it and if so how much would you be looking for?

    Kind Regards

  3. Gary

    Hi Julian

    The plane was on a shelf in a large job lot (see post called ‘The Job Lot’). Unfortunately, the seller wanted to sell the whole room and didn’t want to split. We couldn’t agree a price, so therefore the plane and many other nice tools are still there, to the best of my knowledge.


  4. Andy sayers

    Hi everyone, I have one of these waisted top bullnose planes by Preston in my collection. It is definitely a rare piece, with very little known about them. I spoke to a few guys who get to the David Stanley auctions, but no one could shed any light on it really, just the odd speculation.

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