Sep 23

Norris Scraper Plane??

On eBay right now. Doesn’t seem right and I find no reference anywhere to a scraper plane having been produced. Not for me to say, but if you’re going to invent something, maybe invent something that’s never been seen!


  1. Richard Cohen

    I tend to agree. Build quality is appears poor and it looks uncomfortable to use – not attributes usually associated with Norris!

  2. C.R. Miller

    Yeah, build quality is a definite concern. If you look at the name stamp though you’ll see that the letters have been individually stamped, and that some of them are misaligned and have spacing issues. I’m not quite sure about the scale/size of the lettering either, as they appear to be a larger size than the letters on the Norris stamp. To the casual observer though it looks fine.

  3. steve

    looks like a shoulder plane that has been dropped or broken,then ground down for another use

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