Aug 08

Copley? Anyone?




I’m wondering if I can find out a little more about Copley of London? I have one of his saws in a pile here, but know very little of him. If anyone has more info I’d be delighted to publish it. I now get a lot of hits on the site from people just looking for basic information about English makers, I’m keen to collate as much information as I can for other people to use. Thanks very much.


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  1. Richard

    Couldn’t find much from a brief Google search on-line…

    Some paring gouges by the same maker – http://toolexchange.com.au/Chisels.html (item #6006)

    A reference to a Colonel Copley leasing forges in the Sheffield area in this document…

    Hope you get more info from others more knowledgeable.

  2. Mike

    I have a Copley Oakley SE saw that looks identical to yours except for a carved lamb’s tongue where the bottom of the finger loop joins the handle body, and of course the ‘Oakley SE’ stamp on the brass spine.
    All I can tell you about it is I found it at a flea market in Maine for cheap.
    I hope some one knows more than I about this maker. I can find nothing so far.

  3. Richard

    Hi Gary,
    I obviously wasn’t searching “correctly” the first time. Search for “Copley saw makers” yielded all these bits of information…




    Last two should be enough to satisfy your curiosity – seems that Albert Copley was an assembler of tools having purchased the components from elsewhere.

  4. Lisa copley

    I’m currently looking through my family history and came across your post.
    My grandad, Albert Copley was a cabinet maker in East London and I’d be really interested if you find out any more about where the saw may have originated from!
    Good luck with your search also

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