Jun 13

Vintage Record Vices For Sale

I’ve just picked up fourteen superb Record 52 1/2 vices.
On the For Sale page now.
They are quick release, (so you can slide the cheek in and out without lots of turning), then tighten them up. Most of them also have a hole on the top face for a metal dog (not supplied, but you can buy or make these easily). With this in place you can use the vice as a tail vice to clamp up long stock or to use as a planing stop. The vices are superb and in nearly-new condition. Selling these singles, or ask about discount on multiples.

**Collection only please**

Paul Sellers loves these. 😉

(Click picture for larger image)


  1. Rob Woodhall

    Hi Gary,
    Are the vices still available? If so, how much for one and where are you located?

  2. Gary

    Hi Rob, one left now. I’m in hackney, east London. Mail me at mail@hackneytools.com if you need it. Best, Gary

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