Jan 09

Maurice Franklin, Wood Turner

I couldn’t resist asking for permission to re-use the pictures from this post from the quite wonderful Spitalfields Life. Please click through to read the heart-warming story of Maurice Franklin, who still works as a wood-turner in the back of The Spindle Shop on Hackney Road in east London. Thanks to the ‘Gentle Author’ (Spitalfields Life blog) and to Patricia Niven, the photographer, for allowing me to post the pictures.
Maurice Franklin 01
Maurice Franklin 02
Maurice Franklin 04
Maurice Franklin 05
Maurice Franklin 06


  1. Mike Butcher

    Hi Gary, I came across a really nice oak occasional table last weekend which I bought for nothing. Its made by the Shoreditch Woodturning Co Ltd . 147 Hackney Road E2. Very fine turned legs, thought you may know how old etc and a bit of history Have some nice pics and would like to send for archive etc , not sure how this can be done .Cheers Mike of Chingford

  2. Gary

    Hi Mike,

    Sounds interesting. Well worth adding some pics to the blog for others to find, thanks. Please send pics to mail@hackneytools.com

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