Oct 04

Where’s there’s muck…

small Marples drawknife

Met a lovely old chap today. By the time I’d had a good chat and seen all his wood carvings, and talked about his family and whatever else we could think of, I felt rather obliged to buy some tools off him. It was an unpromising box, and I drove away feeling a little like at least I’d spread some good karma with a a charitable donation. But when I got home and starting adding the majority of the items to my ‘scrapyard’ pile, this little drawknife fell out. What a beauty. I didn’t know Marples made them this small. It was such a lovely well-balanced and well-made tool, I figured karma does work out sometimes.


  1. Anonymous

    that’s so nice that knife mate, if only I needed one

  2. Gary

    It will be for sale on my next Hackney Tools newsletter, when I manage to get time to get it out. Sign up on home page if you’re interested.

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