Feb 15

Finished college project

I’ve been overwhelmed with one request to see my finished college project. Not wanting to deny my audience, here it is, my finished bedside cabinet. It just needs a drawer knob, but apart from that, it’s pretty much there. I learned a lot, making this little cabinet. And I allow myself a little bit of pride in the drawer with lapped dovetail joints on the front corners, (my first ever dovetail joints). I’m pleased with these, may there be many more.


  1. gary

    well done Gary,
    I think now its time for a tool chest with lots of compartments, for all those tools your collecting LOL

  2. Gary

    hahahaha, thing is, I’ve got one Gary, and it’s already stuffed!


    These old chests look great, but you can’t actually get much in them. (The words of a man with a bit of a collecting problem).

  3. Julian

    Great work my friend, I am truly impressed!

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