Nov 08

Ward & Payne hacksaw

I had an hour to fill this morning and spent it changing a (literal) block of rust, into a Ward & Payne hacksaw. A really lovely old saw, nice deep, original blade and such graceful curves to the body. So nice to see the blade held in under tension with just a couple of nails. Lovely! (A bit more research on the web has this saw marked down as a ‘Ward & Payne B-3 Shop Pattern Metal Saw Sheffield’). Now on eBay.

Ward & Payne logo on top of body

Nice old wing nuts to dial the tension on. Not a lot has changed since this old design, although you wouldn’t find anything as beautiful as this old saw in ‘B&Q’ these days.

As well as being beautiful, I imagine this shape gives a stronger pull on this end of the blade and therefore more stiffness to the saw.


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  1. Simon

    Superb saw, I’m surprised you didn’t keep it!

  2. gary

    not something that comes up frequently very nice, a great display item.

  3. Gary

    Right, well if you two think it’s decent, I think I’m onto a good thing. Fingers crossed!

  4. gary

    A little digging it seems this may well be known as the Lancashire Pattern???
    dont know what your reseve is but a nice peace so dont let go lightly better to be on the workshop wall than go for nothing is my moto.
    best of luck

  5. Gary Cook

    It’s got a reserve price on it, so it’s all or nothing. If it doesn’t go, it’ll have to go back under the bed, I’m sad to say I don’t have any space for a workshop yet!

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