Oct 13

A day trip to Worcestershire

Routledge moulding planes

Excited to have such a great collection of moulding planes in such wonderful condition. The gentleman who owned these really looked after them.

Last week I had the pleasure of going back to the Midlands, the place where I was born, to meet an excellent fellow named Robert who had some wooden planes for sale. I’ve been hunting for a nice half, or full-set of moulding planes for a while. These Routledge planes were particularly attractive to me, being born in the Midlands, and Routledge was an excellent planemaker from the area.

Robert was passing on a collection of planes from his grandfather, who had been a cabinet maker. Rob turned out to be a very good salesman. As well as agreeing a deal on an extra bunch of planes and miscellaneous tools, I went back home with a bit more weight than I anticipated!

By the time I left, the planes were joined by some lovely Thos Ibbotson ‘pig-sticker’ mortise chisels, some Sorby and Marples carving chisels, too many awls and screwdrivers to list, and one other thing. Robert made me a deal which included also taking away his grandfathers home-made tool chest. A wondrous great mahogany beast, which will take a bit of work, but will be a nice piece when I’ve finished it. The Volvo was nearly doing a wheelie all the way back to London.


Routledge moulding planes

When I bought these I didn’t actually notice the box also included a matching pair of Routledge snipe-bills and a matched pair of side-rounds, both in stunning condition.


Routledge snipe-bill plane

Boxed snipe-bill with makers mark, the other snipe-bill is just as crisp.


Routledge 'round' moulding plane

Makers mark, ‘Routledge, 64 Bull Street’, BIRMINGHAM’.


Routledge side-round moulding plane

Again, matching pair is in fantastic condition for age.


Routledge 'round' moulding plane

Irons will just a need a hone, not much more.


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  1. gary

    Hi mate,

    your snipe bills worth 100-140 pound and the side rounds 80-100.

    very nice find and well sought after, most of mine end up going to USA that is when I come across them, not aften as I would wish.
    best of luck

  2. Gary

    Thanks Gary. Yep, I’m keeping this set for my own use, I think. Been looking for snipe bills for ages, as you know! Just ordered ‘Moulding Planes in Practice’ by Matt Bickford, and am going to try my hand at making some nice profiles. If I find any more sets though, I’ll have to sell them off. I’m not really one for keeping stuff for the shelf. Although, having said that, the shelf is getting a bit full.

  3. Rex Wenger

    Looks like you found a real legacy by a man that obviously respected
    and took pride in his tools. I just purchased a Routledge beading plane
    and was researching it when your blog appeared. Do tou have any pictures
    of the tool chest.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gary

    Hello Rex,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, here’s the chest, I ended up keeping it.

    Did you get the beading plane for a specific project? I just sold some side-beads
    to a chap in Germany, who was making a traditional door.


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