Feb 25

I will buy your woodworking tools

Welcome to Hackney Tools, based in the east end of London in the UK.
If you would like to SELL some old woodworking tools, email me on mail@hackneytools.com, or you can call me on 07946 497504. I buy good quality woodworking hand tools and I’m particularly interested in hand tools from Stanley, Lie Nielsen, Mathieson, Norris, Preston, Spiers, Addis, Record, Millers Falls, Holland, Slater, G.Miller and Holzapfell.
I’m afraid I cannot buy large machines, due to lack of storage space. I do, however, buy power tools made by Festool and Mafell, so please get in touch.

Sep 23

A nice find…


I cleared an old workshop yesterday and found this little gem. A Norris ’27’ bullnose plane in gunmetal with a steel sole. It has the later rosewood wedge (circa 1928), rather than the earlier ebony wedge (circa 1914). A lovely little plane I will put to good use on special projects.

Aug 12

Walke Moore router plane unboxing…

Walke Moore Router Plane Unboxing

Back in March I put up a post about the Walke Moore router plane, a great-looking tool based on the scarce Preston 2500p. Bill Schenher over on Billy’s Little Bench has got one and has put up a video of the unboxing. It’s a nice plane with similar …

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Aug 11

The Brits!

Richard Arnold

There are some really lovely videos over on Jimi Hendricks’ Youtube channel from Richard Arnold’s charity sale day this year. The videos feature, amongst others, Richard Arnold showing us some plough plane technique, Shane Skelton with his new panel plane (being checked …

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Jul 09

Tooling up with Festool

Festool Domino x

It’s nice to have a moment to write a blog post, it’s been way too long. I won’t bore you with the details, but the house renovation I’ve been working on has taken much longer than I thought it would, mainly because I get there only for one or two days in the week. I’m …

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May 17

1/10th scale tools in upcoming auction

Miniature Woodworking Tools

There is an interesting lot coming up in a C&T Auctioneers sale on 25th May 2016. The set of tools are all at 1/10th scale. An interesting lot for the collector that sort of thing. Listed as American 19thc. Reminds me of the modern-day maker Marco Terenzi, who …

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